Markum so official it is on my Drivers Licence :) my love of music began with my love of dancing. I usually was and still am one of the first people on the dance floor. I have been producing electronic music since 2000. Its been a sort of off and on thing as life got in the way and I would sometimes forget what was important. But I would always come back to music. In 2012 I dropped back into music hard and heavy, remembering its importance in his life. I mostly produces drum and bass but I loves and produces all types of music. I feel like My music is some what experimental and so picking a specific sub-genera would be placing it in too small of a box. This is why I just calls it drum and bass. I thinks music should be fun and computer music should sound like it was made with a computer! However, My love of dancing inspires me to create a style of music which is always changing and growing as I gets bored easily on the dance floor. I am ever evolving in production and style; so who knows where I will end up next! P.S. If you use my tracks in a mix pleas let me know so I can check it out Thanks !